Well, here we are.

I’ve tried this whole “blogging” thing before and met with little success. I’ve always found difficulty in sitting down to actually write posts for a myriad of reasons; some with myself, some with my chosen platforms. But I’ve been playing with WordPress for a little while now, and so far we’re getting along.It might stick this time.

I’ve been finding myself in rants on Twitter lately, after having taken back to the service a few months ago following a nearly two-year hiatus. At the time I was just coming out of my first and only year at college, getting my first “real” job, and was under a lot of stress, which meant I had little energy for the high-volume, fast-paced environment that was my Twitter feed. That, and the continual woe-is-me updates from several of my subscribed accounts.

But Twitter and I used to be good friends, if my 46,000+ tweets is any indication. Before Twitter I had a LiveJournal account, and a Facebook page, but the “micro-blogging” aspect of tweeting was perfect for my overactive and incredibly varying thought processes. It was, for a long time, where I talked about my feelings, and had a small community – affectionately referred to as my “t-list” – who supported me. There were good times.

Sometime after LiveJournal got boring and Twitter became my newest beloved Internet timesuck, I started a Tumblr page, which I still use today. Tumblr was, and is, a wonderful community, despite its sporadic dark alleys, which are unavoidable on any social media platform. (Haters gonna hate.) For the first couple of years I used that platform to post sporadically personal updates and thoughts on things that were too long or complicated for a 140-character limit. Over time my personal blog became more and more dedicated to the “aesthetic” variation of Tumblr, and I created a second blog, which I refer to as “my feels blog,” for posts, which are mostly reblogs, regarding my emotional state. But that doesn’t fit the need anymore, either.

I need a space to talk through (write through?) not only emotional stuff, but intellectual stuff. I need a space to work out what is going on in my own head, because for as “self-aware” as I am continually told I am, sometimes even I don’t really know what’s happening up there. And so we have come to this. And I do so greatly hope this works out.


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