“Identity is a funny thing: it can be how we define ourselves, how we share ourselves with the world, or, sometimes, how we protect ourselves.” — Nicholas Jenkins

This post is based on the wonderful and insightful video by director and videographer Nicholas Jenkins, which you can watch on one of the several YouTube channels he directs, here: 

(You should also subscribe to that channel, sexplanations, which is hosted regularly by Dr. Lindsey Doe, a registered sexologist, for more information on identity, gender, and, of course, the incredibly wide world of other sex-related topics. You can find more of Nick, and his adorable corgi Abby, at his channel, thelonelydirector.)

Since I first saw this video in November, I’ve watched it probably a dozen times in the process of writing my own list of identifiers. This post is a summation of what I’ve come up with.

And I’d like to quote Nick again here before I continue:

“Whatever your identity, however you present yourself and to whoever you present yourself, remember it’s not your entire story. It’s only one page, maybe even one paragraph, maybe just one sentence, of the entire story that is your life. And just like you can’t tell the entire story of a great novel in one sentence, you surely can’t use one word or one phrase to describe everything there is to describe about something as complex and marvelous as you.”

So, without further ado, all the things you maybe didn’t know about me.

  • My name is Lyndsay Ann Marie, and because I don’t like the way my last name sounds along with the rest of it, even though I like the name itself, I typically don’t use it for any other reason than legal documentation.
  • I am a cis female. For those unaware, “cis” means that my gender expression matches my biological sex. It’s the opposite of “trans.”
  • I am currently struggling a little bit with my sexual and romantic orientations. (Yes, they are two different things.) It’s complicated, and even though to me it’s not that big of a deal, I’m really not out.
  • I’m 21, and I don’t mess with anything under 40 proof. I’m mostly a social drinker, though.
  • I’m a May baby, and even though my sun is in Gemini, I identify more with my rising sign, Scorpio.
  • I am an ISTP – that’s Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. This is called the “Mechanic” or “Craftsman” type. Think Tony Stark/Iron Man from Marvel, Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Greg House from House, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, Han Solo from Star Wars. (Please note that all of these characters are male. Female ISTPs are rare: 2.4% of the general population.) Want to know your MBTI personality type? Take the test here.
  • I’m also an enneagram type four, which is described as the Individualist. According to the Enneagram Institute, examples of this type include Chopin, Edgar Allan Poe, Prince, and Johnny Depp. Want to know your enneagram type? Take the test here.
  • And I’m a Slytherin. Cunning, determined, ambitious, and resourceful. I will not apologize for my house. I’m not really into Harry Potter anymore though.
  • Only child, granddaughterniece, cousin, daughter. Orphan. Bastard.
  • Liberal. Registered Republican, but mostly because I disagree with pretty much everything Republicans stand for and I want to destroy them from the inside.
  • Skeptic. Idealist.
  • Feminist.
  • Atheist. Church attendee. Mostly because a friend of mine preaches in a Baptist church and he and his wife are terribly, disgustingly wonderful people. I say this with love. More on my views on religion as a whole in a later post, promise.
  • College dropout.
  • Contingency planner.
  • Pseudo-intellectual.
  • Bad sleeper.
  • Allergic. To just about every environmental contaminant a person can be allergic to. All varieties of pollen, dust, mold, mildew, pet dander. You name it. This is also why I am an…
  • Indoor person. Allergens suck. And so do bugs.
  • Despite that, I’m still a hardcore cat person.
  • Poet. Prosaist.
  • Hopeless romantic. And Romantic. If you don’t understand the importance of the capitalization, please, Google.
  • Tumblr addict. I have eight blogs on Tumblr. And each of those words is a different link.
  • Makeup junkie. Don’t even ask me how many eyeshadows, mascaras, or lip products I own. I will count. I will tell you.
  • Art enthusiast. Someday I will tell the story about how I openly, hungover, cried over Impressionism in d’Orsay.
  • Arandanaut. Two links in that word. Follow them.

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