It has just occurred to me why the Deadly Sins are deadly.

They’re Godlike.

Hear me out.

Pride: What is God if not prideful? Worship Him. Pray to Him. Praise Him above all others. To do otherwise is to be condemned to an eternity of damnation.

Greed: What is God if not greedy? Perhaps not in the earthly sense, but spiritually. Relinquish thy life unto Him and receive eternal glory. What more dost thou have to give?

Lust: What is God if not lusting? Perhaps not for the carnal flesh, but for power, for recognition, for disciples. He promises eternity simply for the sweetness of devotion unto Him.

Envy: What is God if not envious? Cast out all other idols. Worship nothing but Him. Revel in nothing but His word and creation. To come after so many gods before, it is no small wonder He should feel so inadequate.

Gluttony: What is God if not gluttonous? Again, for prayer, for devotion, for disciples unto his command. These He hoards.

Wrath: What is God if not wrathful? Dare to disobey and thou shalt be struck with seven plagues. Dare to disobey and thine firstborn shalt be slaughtered. Dare to disobey and thou shalt be transformed to a pillar of salt. Dare to disobey and thou shalt be cast unto the fiery pits of Hell, doomed to eternal torture and punishment for thine insolence.

Sloth: What is God if not idle? Unimaginable power and yet we live here, on this earth fraught with destruction and disease, here, forbidden from Eden due to defective prototypes and an unruly child, here, because He, oh so magnificent and benevolent, cannot be bothered to adjust his plans. Because we sinned. Because we didn’t follow His perfect instruction, despite He being the designer, creator, and knower of all things.

That is why the Sins are deadly.

We were created. We were programmed. We broke the code.

We defied God. We came to understand that He is not omniscient, benevolent, or all-powerful.

We are more powerful than He intended.

And He is terrified.

we have killed gods before – we will do so again
we will rise


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