An Open Letter To The Woman Who Should Have Been President.

Madam Secretary–
Mrs. Clinton–



You fought a hard fight. A good fight. A long, long fight. Arguably the hardest, and best, and longest fight women have been fighting for generations upon generations. You hit the glass ceiling, and in fact, in my eyes, you broke it. You did that. You.

I must admit that at the beginning of this election cycle, I was not in your corner. I, like many Millennials, was very staunchly in support of Bernie. He had a great plan. He got me excited about politics in a way I had never been before. I really thought he could take it all the way. I really wanted POTUS45 to be President Sanders.

But then he lost. He lost despite an upset in Michigan, and despite turning out independent donations like no other candidate had ever done. And you, instead, became the Democratic nominee. You became the first woman to be nominated by a major political party in American history. If you were not before, you most definitely are now the most famous woman in politics. I am so proud of that.

I am so proud that someone who spent an entire career fighting for women and children and equal rights for all, someone who spent an entire career making hard decisions and standing up not only for herself, but for those less fortunate than her, made it to the very top of the most sacred political contest in this country. You have done incredible work. You represent the very best of us.

You have inspired millions and millions of young girls, not only in our country, but across the world. You have been instrumental in shaping the course of our nation’s history. And you have done so against incredible odds. You have done so while holding some of the highest titles this nation offers. You have done so while standing beside your husband, even in the face of scandal. You have done so while facing scandal yourself. You have done so while being a mother and raising a child. You have done so while being a grandmother. You have sacrificed and you have given and you have screamed and cried and bled, I’m sure.

There are people who are angry. There are people who have rioted, who have burned and pillaged because things did not turn out the way they expected. There are people who say when the final states were called, that you were a coward, that you abandoned your electorate in their time of shock and grief and despair. I do not believe this. Not one single word of it.

You have been tireless. You have been fearless. You have been strong. You have stood in the face of the biggest one-man circus America has to offer and you have bested him every single time. You have worked harder than any nominee in history to get to where you are today. You have become one of the most qualified candidates the presidential race has ever seen. You have earned this election. You should have won. You should have won by a landslide.

I understand.

When you see something you put your heart and soul into fall apart at the seams despite all your best efforts, it is the most dehumanizing thing that you can face. Any pretense of emotional stability in that moment is impossible. I don’t want to imagine what you thought, what you felt when the single most unqualified, bigoted, fear-mongering nominee our country has ever produced overtook you because of a broken system which has failed eleven percent of the time. I would not want to be in your shoes even now.

I do not blame you. I will never blame you for this.

It is the unfortunate truth that tooth and nail and spirit and even fire is not enough to fight back against a group bound by hatred. I think you learned that the hard way this week. I’m sorry for that. But despite what your opponent claims, you are only human. You are only one single person in the vastness of this tapestry of human life. You have the right to retreat. You have the right to be angry, to be sad, to be hurt and to let this devastate you. You have the right to take time. You have the right to lick your wounds. You have the right to sink into your family and your support system and to let them insulate you for a while. But we will need you back. We have so much more work to do, and the fight is going to be so much harder now. We need you to show us what steps to take. We need you to lead us through these treacherous waters, because you have done it before. We know that you will be able to do it again.

At the end, I stood for you. I wanted you to see the White House again. I wanted you in the Oval Office again, and this time, behind the desk. I was proud as a Democrat, and as a woman, and as a Millennial, to vote for you. Not because your victory would mean seeing and having voted for the first female president, but because I truly believed in you. I still do.

I’m still with you.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, for our country – which was always great, no matter what your opponent says, and which will continue to be great even in the face of this – and for the world.

Thank you so much.


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